5 Outdated Interior Design Trends

Interior design is constantly evolving, and the prevalence of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram allow us access to current trends faster than ever before. No longer do we have to wait for the next issue of Décor magazines to hit the stands; but, by the click of a button, Jamaicans can apprise themselves of the latest interior trends with ease. So why are some of us still holding on to these ancient styles?

  1. Popcorn Ceilings – As the name suggests, these resemble tiny white popped kernels on your ceiling. The method of application is very cost effective, as the readymade material is literally sprayed on to the ceiling. No painter needed. Many Jamaican homes still have this, simply because removing popcorn ceilings is a messy project. Forget leaving your furniture in the same room, they won’t be spared from the avalanche of snow like paint that will land on anything in sight. Make sure to protect your nose and skin as well, since some older popcorn ceilings may contain asbestos. No matter how hard you try to create a contemporary home, if your ceilings have popcorn…that clean lined finish you’re looking for will never be there.
  2. Toilet Floor Mats – We are talking about those mats on your bathroom floor that hug the base of your toilet. We all know them, the ones that are often sold as a set, with the matching fluffy covers for the seat. First of all…why does the toilet seat need a cover? It’s not a couch. Secondly, all that fabric so close to the germs that can escape from your toilet is just plain unhygienic. A nice, small rectangular rug with a little texture, placed a few inches away from the base of the toilet will still keep your toes cozy while you ‘handle your business’.
  3. Crochet Doilies – Our guess is that our parents used these handcrafted items to protect their beloved tables from scratches and dust, but there are so many modern alternatives these days (besides dusting your tables of course). Table runners have evolved into more trendy fabric selections that can blend in with your décor, rather than steal the show from the beautiful furniture pieces they were made for. Our preference is opting for no table runners, and just a lovely centrepiece instead.
  4. Doorway Curtains – We’re talking about those plastic or bamboo hanging curtains that assault you on your way to the kitchen…. Yes, people actually have them! It’s unbelievable, but the ‘sidewalk artisans’ are still selling them; so that means someone, somewhere is buying these curtains. We are all about everyone making a living, so let’s hope they won’t read this article; but for the rest of us, doors and open doorways are perfectly good alternatives.
  5. Alphabet and Fruit Refrigerator Magnets – Sure, it was fun to spell your name and leave cute arrangements with the fridge magnets as a child; but there is nothing stylish about them.  They crowd the appliance and there are only so many pieces of paper you can attach to your fridge before it just starts looking like a bulletin board. If you need to put reminders in a central location, an actual bulletin board may help; or a wall painted with chalkboard paint can be both trendy and useful.

When it’s all said and done…What’s truly important is that your space is a reflection of you. So if any of the items on this list make you happy, that’s really all that matters.



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