Choosing a Side Table

We’ve been asked this question too often to not dedicate an article to the topic – Do your bedside tables need to match? Short Answer is Definitely not. But what’s the point of an article if we just stopped there? Let’s explore.

Bedside tables are two very functional pieces of furniture in your bedroom and should not be overlooked. They store those items we are too lazy to move from our beds to retrieve, like our cel phones, current novel , Bible, anything we need to get our hands on quickly. They also provide a perfect platform for accessible lighting (so you don’t bump your toe heading for the bathroom in the middle of the night). Visually, the side tables help to frame the bed, therefore highlighting it as the focal point of the bedroom.

The cardinal rule when selecting your bedside tables is that they are functional and blend in with your overall theme. The tables in this grey, teal and yellow bedroom (designed by If Walls Could Talk, Ja) aren’t your typical matching tables, but they add a bit of unpredictability and interest to the space. The key is to remain consistent with the theme and style of the room. We chose to include clean lined bedside tables to update the space, since the existing bed was more traditional. We also wanted to include black and white accents into the room, and the side tables helped us to achieve that look. The styling is kept simple, so the tables do not distract you from the focal point of the room.

The takeaway is to have fun with your bedroom décor. If you like symmetry, then matching side tables like the ones in this Caribbean chic bedroom below, designed by If Walls Could Talk, Ja; are the perfect choice. Either way, you can’t go wrong with tasteful styling and a touch of your personality.



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