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‘There’s always time for a glass of wine’ when you are relaxed at home; and we recommend that you have one of these miniature potted plants as a housemate. Miniature Cacti, Aloe, Euphorbia, Echeveria, Agave.. are all members of the succulent family, and they are a must have in every home this year.

This plant is perfect for the busy professional who lives in an apartment complex; a growing trend in Kingston, Jamaica. They are low maintenance, DO NOT require a green thumb, are perfect for indoors, and add a touch of modern flair to any room. Plants are necessary to create a space with good feng shui (we will discuss this concept in another article), they also provide oxygen; and help to filter the air in your home from harmful chemicals, including carcinogens.

Here is the major reason we are ‘crushing on cacti’ – they are the most budget friendly indoor plant we’ve ever purchased! The custom mini cactus and decorated mason jar included in the kitchen design above, cost under J$2,000.00/US$17.00 ; directly from one our favourite Jamaican artisans ‘ Soro Limited’ (email –

Your succulents can be purchased from your local plant store in standard plastic flower pots, but the real beauty is in the presentation. We especially love seeing them in mason jars and mugs, but you can be as creative as possible with your plant’s new home. Like any other plant, they will need water and filtered light, but only minimal attention is required.

Did we mention that using cacti in home décor is a huge Scandinavian trend right now? So why not join in and crush with us? We don’t mind sharing.



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