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We were commissioned by a client to re-decorate their 3 bedroom model unit for a housing development in Trelawny, Jamaica a few years ago. As an Interior Decorator, managing your budget is critical. The guest room was already furnished with the bed, side tables and comforter set seen here, but we still had to revamp the space in order to make it more cohesive. There was no budget allocated towards the guest room, as there were other areas that needed much more work, so we did what any smart decorator would do: Shop at the only location everything is guaranteed to be free – The rest of the house!

We sourced these accent cushions in the living room, the wall art came from the dining room, and the curtains were formerly of the Master bedroom. We purchased the vase for another area, and realised that it complemented this space so much more. In just a few minutes, we were able to turn this guest room into a welcoming space without spending a dollar.

We know you’re thinking that was a mere coincidence, but ‘If Walls Could Talk’ has made this practice one of the cornerstones of our operation. We create spaces that are not only beautiful, but also budget friendly. Here are a few examples of how we utilised pieces that our clients already owned to decorate a brand new space.

We transformed this bookcase into a TV console for a Master Bedroom Sitting Area by simply flipping it on its side.

We Shopped around this client’s home and used items she curated from her travels, and even her own jewellery from her accessory business to transform her coffee table.

Finally, we turned this ottoman into a coffee table by moving around a few items in our client’s living room, and re-purposed a mirror as a tray.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, but simply thinking outside the box can help you to transform your space on a $0 budget.



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