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Apartment living has its benefits, but lots of space is certainly not one of them.

The young professionals who start out in these sometimes cramped spaces, are forced to find creative ways to implement design that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing. It’s a daunting task, and is best tackled with an amazing Interior designer, who can interpret your vision for the space (cue ‘If Walls Could Talk’ ).

One area of particular challenge is that seemingly dead space in the corner of a room. Sure, you could insert a plant, a lamp, an oddly placed chair that no one will ever use (because ‘nobody puts baby in the corner’- dirty dancing reference); but creating usable space is an even better solution.

Our client needed an area dedicated to studying/working from home; so we created the perfect home office nook without rearranging any of the furniture in her already small living room.

Here’s what we used….

  1. Floating shelf/desk – In our case, we made this custom desk to fit the space, and mounted it on the wall for additional support. Some store bought floating shelves may not be able to withstand the weight of laptops, books and overall constant use; so make sure you invest in a good quality piece.
  2. Small Lamp – Task lighting is important, and we chose a  sleek, modern desk lamp, that uses minimal space.
  3. Storage – We implemented this in two ways. Storage Boxes are both decorative and functional, we snagged this set at Spaces Jamaica (www.spacesjamaica.com). These faux books can store smaller items that often create desk clutter, and add a pop of colour to the design. We also added floating bookshelves that utilised the wall instead, without crowding the space.
  4. Comfy Desk Chair – To complete the functionality of the space, we added this comfy desk chair that complemented the existing furniture in the living room, and included a throw pillow for some visual contrast.

There you have it. A functional space that’s both easy on the pocket and on the eyes.



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