Decorating with Black & White Stripes

Black & White stripes are timeless, but most people shy away from incorporating this bold accent into their design. It’s hard to imagine what could possibly complement this striking print, so we have a few suggestions that everyone, from the conservative decorator to the risqué ‘stylista’, would love.

  1. Stripe on Stripe – Think this option is too overwhelming? Quite the contrary. If you’re taking our advice on this one, our pick is yellow and white stripes. The yellow complements the black perfectly, while the white helps to blend the two stripes together. For an extra oomph, try mixing vertical and horizontal stripes to create some depth.
  2. Polka Dots – Meet ‘Stripes” beloved cousin. They don’t always get along, but we dare you to show us the perfect family. Our advice is to use this accent sparingly, or the room could make you a little dizzy. For less drama, a small pop with a polka dot throw pillow goes a far way.
  3. Prints – While we are still on the topic of patterns, why not add an interesting print like the geometric one here. The bold colours on a white background complement the stripes, without overwhelming the space. The Banana Leaf print not only adds a welcomed pop of green, it instantly turns your space into that Caribbean Villa you have been dreaming about. Add fluffy White sheets, and you may just hear waves crashing onto the shore.
  4. Gold , White , Black – Looking to glam up your black and white stripes? Well look no further than this combo. Only thing missing from this sophisticated pairing will be a glass of wine and your favourite pearls.
  5. Red – The natural choice to complement the black and white combo is often red. This trifecta is usually the safe route; and when used sparingly, can add well needed dimension to the space. While ‘safe’ is never our first suggestion, it is better to be the proverbial “safe than sorry’.
  6. Think Pink – Black, white and Pink has sexy, chic, trendy female written all over it. Definitely not the colour combo for a gender neutral space, but perfect for a feminine touch. We warn you that this can quickly turn a chic adult space into a teenager’s sanctuary if not done tastefully. Pink should therefore be used sparingly, try using richer hues, or blush and stay away from ‘pepto ‘ and ‘barbie’ pink.
  7. Touch of Teal – One of our favourites, because it appeals to both genders, and pretty much all style genres. Teal is a universally loved colour that blends blue and green perfectly. When paired with black and white, the end result is a room that has the right amount of flair, without going overboard.

Of course, there are tons of other colour combinations that we would still get excited about, but these 7 combos are bound to be a hit with any black and white enthusiast.



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