Fashion Inspired Home Décor

Need some inspiration for your next home décor project? Look no further than your closet. Grab your favourite dress/shoes/handbag/jewellery, try them on, and take a photo. If you’re not inspired by your own closet, just scan your favourite fashion magazine (we recommend Elle or Vogue for the more creative, high fashion pieces).

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s canary yellow cutout mini, we created a mood board for a modern living room. Reminiscent of the 60s, the style of the dress screams modern, yet tailored (pardon the pun). The neutral, clean lined sofa framed with teak wood, was the perfect backdrop for the bright yellow throw pillows we selected. We were even inspired by the cutouts in the dress, and followed suit with a teal garden stool (turned side table) with diamond shaped cutouts. Taylor’s look boasts fun, yet sophisticated, and we think we accomplished just that with our selection of items. We drew inspiration from both the colour palette and the style of the outfit.

Don’t be afraid to take notes from fashion, play with different textures, styles and trends to create your perfect space. In many instances current home décor trends are inspired directly from the catwalk. So the next time you’re having trouble coming up with a new look for your space; your solution may just be hiding in your closet, or your magazine rack. Either way, inspiration is at your fingertips.



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