Gallery Walls – Why We Love Them

Walls can be intimidating to decorate. They are the first place you see when you enter a room; since they take up a large surface area, and they are naturally at eye level. Finding creative ways to dress up these structures can be somewhat daunting; and with the plethora of options available, wall décor can get pretty pricey.

So how do you get a bang for your buck? One method that we swear by is creating a Gallery Wall. Here’s why we love them:

  1. You can determine just how expensive your wall art will be – A gallery wall is a collection of framed photos/art. These can be family photos, kids drawings, photos taken with your personal camera, or professional photos purchased online or at a gallery. Based on that list, at least 3 of those options are already free, all you have to do is print your photos and you’re half way there. Framing options can range from store bought frames (these will be more economical, but may not be available in the sizes that you need) , to custom frames at your local framing store.
  2. They are excellent space fillers – Gallery walls can be configured to suit your space, whereas a single piece of art will only fill specific dimensions. You can be as creative as you like with Gallery wall art. The key is to ensure that there is a common theme, either in the content, or the frames. You can arrange them to fit any space, and keep adding to your wall as your photo or art collection grows.
  3. They fit any design style – Whether your style is contemporary, modern, eclectic or traditional; gallery walls are guaranteed to fit in. With the wide selection of frames available, all you need to do is change the frame, and.. Voila! You have a new theme; even with the same art or photographs. For more traditional styles, a dark wood frame, or a classic metal frame works well. Contemporary spaces need clean lined frames with limited details or carvings. Eclectic Spaces allow you to experiment with a mixture of frames and colours, as long as you still maintain your theme.
  4. After those three reasons, who needs a fourth? But let’s just close by saying that this is one trend that is timeless. Gallery Walls have been around for centuries, and they never get old.



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