Rustic Wedding Décor – Top 5 Must Haves

Congratulations! You’re engaged and you finally get to start planning your dream wedding.

First Stop – Pinterest. (

Second Stop – A visit to the Psychiatrist (because you’ve been bombarded with too many options, and now you’re more confused than anything else). At this point, eloping is beginning to look extremely attractive.

Third Stop – Wedding Planner – To the rescue.

Now that you’re back on track, you should return to Pinterest and save a few of your favourites. Chances are, one of them will include a Rustic Element, which is definitely among the top wedding trends this year. If you’re interested in Rustic , Chic, Vintage wedding décor, we have compiled a list of 5 key must haves to help you sort through the fluff.

1. Baby’s Breath

Rustic is synonymous with countryside and simplicity; and what could be a more perfect representation, than bunches of this wild member of the carnation family. We chose to line the aisles with baby’s breath tied with white ribbon for a clean, simple look.

2. Burlap

Burlap often brings the Rustic theme together. This material is made from jute or sisal, and is commonly used to produce items such as table runners, table cloths and napkins. Our clients had the creative idea of using the fabric to display their personally designed monogram.

3. White Flowers

No Bride is complete without her bouquet of white flowers. This is especially important to complement your Rustic theme, which lends to the simplicity of the colour white. White bouquets are traditionally used for brides; however a rustic wedding should utilise less structured flowers like roses, and differ towards more relaxed ones like the orchids and baby’s breath seen here, with stems wrapped in hemp tie (another rustic element).

4. Wood

This wooden console made the perfect dessert table. We completed the vintage touch with antique photo frames used to display menu options. White doilies, baby’s breath and orchids enhance the country chic vibe.

5. A Touch of Whimsy

The head table’s backdrop is the ideal space to be creative with your Rustic themed décor. Alternating suspended mason jars and lanterns create a fun, yet tasteful backdrop, that doesn’t distract from the main attraction.

Remember that your wedding will be engraved in your memory for years to come, so ensure that the décor is a true reflection of your personality, and that you have fun infusing your personal style into whichever theme you select.

We couldn’t end without thanking our beautiful newlyweds for allowing us to share photos from their special day. Best wishes to one of our favourite couples (Tamoy & Steven).



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