What’s in a name?

Imagine for a moment that you wander into a stranger’s residence. You are greeted by a painting.. Van Gough’s Sunflowers perhaps. You meander down a passage of white walls lined with artwork of a similar floral theme, and enter a large great room. The wall facing you is filled with books, grouped by colour, on a white bookcase. There is no television, but a comfortable seating arrangement that immediately invites you to lounge. You select the welcoming grey chaise by the window, with a chartreuse (not green , not yellow , but perfectly chartreuse) throw pillow. You grab the pink notebook placed on the side table; which is dressed with tulips carefully arranged in a mason jar next to a bronze reading lamp, and begin to make notes.

Who lives here? A female perhaps .. she loves flowers and owns a pink notebook.
What does she enjoy? Reading would be your guess, her love of books is albeit too obvious with a bookshelf as the focal point of her living room.
White walls? Not your style, but you can see that she doesn’t want too much to distract from her collection of art.
You conclude that she would have a welcoming demeanour; if you were to judge from her selection in comfortable, yet tasteful seating.
Does she have a family? a job? …..

Your thoughts are rudely interrupted by the owner of the house. A Man, carrying an easel and a paintbrush. Standing beside him is a little girl , who approaches you and gently lifts her notebook from your lap. Not quite what you had expected, but you learned two valuable lessons.

  1. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover… but by the time you get to the end of the first chapter, you should start making some potentially accurate inferences.
  2. You should probably look into making some serious changes to your home if nothing about it reflects even an ounce of your personality.

Your room should be a reflection of your personal style; and your paint selection and accent pieces tell a story. The beauty about being the author, is that you are free to re-write it at any time. If your walls could talk, what would they say about you?



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